mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Gutting vs. Dawkins

Religious believers often accuse argumentative atheists such as Dawkins of being excessively rationalistic, demanding standards of logical and evidential rigor that aren’t appropriate in matters of faith. My criticism is just the opposite. Dawkins does not meet the standards of rationality that a topic as important as religion requires... find Dawkins’ “The God Delusion” stimulating, informative, and often right on target. But it does not make a strong case for atheism. His case is weak because it does not take adequate account of the philosophical discussions that have raised the level of reflection about God’s existence far above that at which he operates. It may be possible to make a decisive case against theism through a penetrating philosophical treatment of necessity, complexity, explanation, and other relevant concepts. Because his arguments fail to do this, Dawkins falls far short of establishing his claim.

Citazione presa da qui.

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  1. non ho approfondito Dawkins, ma questa citazione mi sembra molto appropriata.
    Forse Dawkins appartiene ancora a una vecchia generazione di atei (quelli militanti), che cerca dio col telescopio di ultima generazione, e quando non lo vede dice: che vi dicevo? non esiste.